Massive Auction Thursday

Every once in a while, unfortunately, someone sets a new record.

We have been telling you for over a year, at the high end of the market, some people are just walking away from their properties.

If you caught the news a few weeks ago, we are still scheduled for one of the largest personal residence foreclosure auctions in the DC area – ever.

The full article is posted at

Rodney Hunt, IT executive and previous owner of RS Information Systems, has an auction scheduled on his home off Chain Bridge Road in McLean.

If you are interested, the auction will take place at the Arlington Courthouse this Thursday at 11:30 AM.

*** Update – This property auction was cancelled less

than 24 hours prior to the auction time. ***

Washingtonian Magazine rated this home as the third priciest home in our region.

One last thing – if you plan to participate in the bidding process, bring a certified check for $100,000.

If you plan to attend and bid – let me know how you make out?

John Peterson
Washington REIA Network, President
Profitable Property, Founder

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